Omerta Chinmoku no Okite: Chapter Five (A)

So, shit is hitting the fan. JJ’s at home with the dudes and one of the subordinates runs in, covered in blood.

Luka has been injured; he was seen getting pushed out of a car, and of course his attackers fled.

Kiryuu is understandably freaking the fuck out; Luka is in terrible shape, and it looks like Dragon Head have declared war on King Caesar.

ūüė¶ ūüė¶ ūüė¶

Luka gets carried upstairs to his room, and medical assistance is sought. JJ stands guard over him; Kiryuu has gone to escort the doctor upstairs; pretty soon, the doctor’s there and setting up a makeshift operating theatre.

JJ feels a bit useless, until the doctor says they’re going to need a blood transfusion to save Luka. …turns out JJ has the same blood type as Luka, and is the only one who can assist; and Kiryuu is basically admitting, then and there, that he is¬†really¬†relying on JJ at the moment. JJ gets set up for the blood transfusion while the doctor removes bullets from Luka’s body… and then he slips back into unconsciousness and starts having Tiger related flashbacks.

And then we get another complication involving Tiger of the Jungle, and JJ: turns out that Tiger similarly saved JJ’s life with a blood transfusion years ago, too. According to him, he did it because JJ had taken a lot of time and effort to get trained up, but I think by now we all know better: every single one of the men in this game won’t admit that they actually care quite deeply about the people they care about– even if they’re treating them horribly at the same time. It’s so similar to what JJ did to Azusa… what Kiryuu did to JJ… hell, what just about everyone does to JJ.

JJ recovers in his room, and in the evening, Kiryuu comes to see him: it seems Luka is going to be okay, thanks to the doctor… and JJ. JJ’s genuinely happy that “even my tainted blood could save the life of another.”

Kiryuu seems a bit fidgety and nervous, for some reason, though given what he’s been through, I don’t think anyone’s expecting him to be behaving normally.

But Kiryuu’s crisis stems from the fact that he felt he couldn’t do anything for Luka. JJ offers him a drink, and even though Kiryuu normally only drinks beer, he starts chugging down JJ’s whiskey, and hoo boy, his face has gone all red and this is probably going to get awkward all over again.

Kiryuu is¬†really¬†beating himself up that he couldn’t save Luka. Eventually he explains that he’s in debt to the man, because Luka actually once saved¬†his life, and starts giving his backstory: he was an investigator until some Mafia guys he was following caught up with him, and then Luka Bellini came in and offered him a job. And flirted with him. A lot. Luka basically asked for a punch on with Kiryuu, even offering to make the whole thing look above board… eventually, Kiryuu lost, but Luka had knocked him out… feeling a bit guilty about that, Luka took Kiryuu back to the King Caesar headquarters and allowed him to recover.

Luka helped him out, and Kiryuu got a sense of family… and warmth… and belonging… and one which fit nicely with his honour code too; and of course, there was Luka himself… which was how Kiryuu became a Kind Caesar member.

Just like JJ, Kiryuu had been a solitary person until King Caesar gave him a sense of family and cameraderie, too.

JJ hears all this… and reaches out to touch his hair, which makes Kiryuu go all cute and blushy, and decide he has to leave, but JJ wants to be real with him. He pulls him closer, and tries to get Kiryuu talk¬†talk about their situation… and then admits that while he knows Kiryuu loves Luka, it makes him unreasonably jealous for some reason.

Kiryuu’s like, “But you should care about the Family, too!” and JJ is then like, “Pull back from this and look at what’s right in front of you, for god’s sake!” and then kisses him.

It’s unbearably sweet and adorable, and I think the first time JJ’s actually admitted that he has a thing for someone… you know, without¬†too much weirdness or bizarre excuses.

JJ realises that he actually really wants Kiryuu, and not to just be a replacement for Luka, and Luka is all cute and blushy and everything, and Kiryuu is all conflicted because Luka is in the next room all injured and stuff, and JJ gets a bit more blunt and flirty.

They part ways, but it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here, and, well, dammit, they’re adorable.


Next morning, they’re in Kiryuu’s quarters discussing a game plan for dealing with Dragon Head, whom they’re certain are going to be trying to move in on them while their boss is down.

Kiryuu sends the others out and tells JJ he has a special role. When the rest leave and JJ is standing there, Kiryuu explains their diabolical plan:


They’re faking Luka’s death to lead Dragon Head into a trap. Sending out a hearse to make it look like Luka’s body is going back to the Old Country, in order to draw out Dragon Head and confuse them, and I gotta admit, it’s a pretty good plan. The only problem with it is that the people who come down to verify Luka’s body… aren’t actually the top executives of Dragon Head as Kiryuu and JJ were expecting they’d be: it’s Uozumi instead. Still, he falls for the trap– the old bomb-in-a-coffin thing– and Dragon Head is down one executive.

Though trouble is brewing back home: Dragon Head have attacked King Caesar’s headquarters now, and JJ heads back to fight alongside them. Out the front, Wong and Ida are fighting the King Caesar guys, and inside, down in the basement, JJ meets up with Kiryuu, who has gone into autodrive mode; they’ve moved Luka down here, too, and the doctor is with them, and they’re watching what’s going on via closed circuit TVs.

Okay, this isn’t looking good…

Seems like Ugajin’s rocked up to cause hell.

Kiryuu’s worried, and regretfully says JJ will have to fight alongside the other guys now that Ice Gallows has appeared on the scene and made things a bit more complicated: he’s staying downstairs with Luka.

Then he stretches a hand out to JJ. And again, it’s unexpectedly sweet: he shakes JJ’s hand, but is squeezing it, like he can’t let go.

Kiryuu’s not sure if they’re both actually going to survive this, and it’s fraught with tension and drama, and just… yeah.

“Come back alive, JJ.”

OMFG. How can JJ not come back alive after this? Seriously?


Wong’s up the front, outside, and King Caesar are in some seriously deep shit right now. Paolo, Franco and Ishimatsu are working out what to do to get them out of their hair, and Ida and Wong are shooting up stuff, destroying the facade of the headquarters.

Franco sees the Dragon Head guys and charges out at Wong, only to get mowed down: the dude’s got a machine gun on him. Paolo and Ishimatsu are horrified at what they’ve just seen, unluckily for Wong,¬†he’s out of ammo, too. But Paolo isn’t… nor is Ishimatsu.

Ida’s there, too, and then all of a sudden Ugajin starts running up behind them, freaking out about what Wong’s just done, telling him he should have fought smarter– “like¬†this.” Taking Franco as a hostage, he threatens to shoot him is they don’t cease shooting at him and his guys.

Paolo is unimpressed: even though Franco is near death, he still thinks it’s a low move, though it does give Ugajin more time to taunt everyone. Eventually, Ishimatsu and Paolo put down their guns, and Ugajin calls in Wong and Ida to dispose of them.

JJ sneaks up behind them and takes Wong and Ida out, sending Ugajin into a complete panic… especially when he realises JJ’s got the M16 pointed at him.

Yeah, that’s not going to end well for Dragon Head, and the rest of them scatter the moment JJ kills Ugajin.

Kiryuu calls JJ and they talk about the situation, and it looks like it’s all sorted and everything can calm down… until JJ hears a gunshot from over the line and freaks out.


The game cuts to Kiryuu, who is fighting off Dragon Head guys who’ve snuck in, and Kiryuu is thinking about what JJ said about valuing his own life, and about how annoying¬†JJ was, and how there is no way in hell he’s dying before JJ.

But… it’s not an enemy: it’s JJ returning!

JJ grabs Kiryuu in an embrace and strokes his hair, grateful that he’s still alive.


A few days later, Luka is on the mend, and he thanks JJ and Kiryuu for saving the family. He wishes to leave some of King Caesar’s territory under Kiryuu’s control, since Kiryuu was the one who saved them; Kiryuu is all “I don’t want this!” but Luka assures him that it’ll raise his status, having such responsibility.

Luka is about to make JJ an executive, but JJ intervenes. he talks about how King Caesar feels like a family… but how he’s ultimately not used to it and can;t really stay like this, and how things are getting less safe out there, and how he really needs to go back to being a “stray dog.” He tells the other executives, explaining that it’s not so much about leaving the family as going out to collect information to keep everyone safe.

Kiryuu is all, “No way, it’s not safe!” but Luka agrees to it, provided JJ doesn’t take any insane risks… and provided he watch over Kiryuu.


JJ goes to pack, and Kiryuu follows him up to his room, where they talk and… just can’t quit one another, even though they acknowledge this will probably be the last time they’re able to be together in this way, since meeting together in future is going to pose considerable risks. They make love, and afterwards Kiryuu falls asleep, and JJ sneaks off into the night.

The scene cuts to JJ taking down a target elsewhere, later in time, receiving instructions via an earpiece, and he then arrives at a cafe the next morning, where everyone’s reading about how it seems that Wanibuchi, the politician involved in mafia conflicts, appears to have been assassinated.

Kiryuu comes into the cafe and sits near him, leaving him a case full of cash, and they subtly arrange a date that evening.

JJ’s had to keep everything with Kiryuu very discreet, but it’s fairly clear that they still care about one another.

Happy ending Kiryuu smiling.




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