Just the corner of the blogosphere of a thirty-something fujoshi playing through some VNs and hankering for some discussion and meta about them, and hoping to inspire conversation and fanlove!

I’ve been involved with fandom for a LOOOONG time now, ranging from huge fandoms with enormous reach (like Harry Potter) to the smaller and more obscure (like various VNs) to the downright lonely (why is it that I feel like the one person who wanted meta on Wall Street [talking about the 1987 movie, here, folks, not the Wolf of Wall Street!]). I’ve written fic, roleplayed, argued with people over plot points and execution and stylistic choices, have blogged, cosplayed, attended conventions, made fanvids, you name it. Video games seem to be my typical fannish realm, though honestly, if something is interesting and shippable, it’s likely that I’ll go investigate.

I have a liking for the stereotypical kichiku megane character, bad boy gangsters, and complex and fucked up stories, especially if there’s a dystopian or cyberpunk element happening as well. Throw in some great music and a heap of really messed up themes, and I am so there.